The Birds of North and Middle America Checklist is the official source on the taxonomy of birds found in North and Middle America, including adjacent islands. This list is produced by the North American Classification and Nomenclature Committee (NACC), an official committee of the American Ornithological Society.

Geographic Area Covered

The geographic area covered includes North and Central America from the North Pole to the boundary of Panama and Colombia, including the adjacent islands under the jurisdiction of the included nations; the Hawaiian Islands; Clipperton Island; Bermuda; The West Indies, including the Bahama Islands, the Greater Antilles, Leeward and Windward Islands in the Lesser Antilles (ending with Grenada); and Swan, Providencia, and San Andrés Islands in the Gulf of Mexico. Greenland is not included in the coverage of the Seventh Edition of the Check-list, although it was included in earlier editions and will be in the next edition.

7th Checklist and Supplements

The NACC produces the Checklist of North American Birds, currently in its 7th edition, as well as annual supplements to the latest edition (published in The Auk: Ornithological Advances). The complete printed version of the Check-list of North American Birds, 7th edition and its supplements are available to download. A hard copy of the 7th edition of the Checklist may be ordered from Buteo Books.

The AOS Committee on Classification and Nomenclature of North and Middle American Birds (NACC) operates on a proposal basis. Proposals are submitted and reviewed for taxonomic changes, English name changes, acceptance of distributional records, and other items related to the charge of the committee. Anyone may submit a proposal for consideration by the committee.

Proposals must receive a 2/3 positive vote by committee members to pass. Proposals and votes may be subject to change pending further data or discussion. Thus, the outcome of proposals is not final until published in the annual supplement to the Checklist.

Online Checklist of North & Middle American Birds

Updates to the online Checklist are made annually as new supplements are published in The Auk: Ornithological Advances and if errors are noted between supplements.

Recommended citation: Chesser, R. T., K. J. Burns, C. Cicero, J. L. Dunn, A. W. Kratter, I. J. Lovette, P. C. Rasmussen, J. V. Remsen, Jr., D. F. Stotz, and K. Winker. 2019. Check-list of North American Birds (online). American Ornithological Society.